LEAP 2020

Join us for the 2020's top HR festival dedicated to leaders and their super teams!

Take the LEAP towards your dream team!

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An event that opens the way to the new age of HR & People Management

Our event agenda is packed full with memorable lectures and showcases, presented by some of the world’s most talented managers and leaders.

More speakers are coming soon!

Be the first to find out more about the speakers, their innovative topics and how to take a LEAP with us.

Explore new directions above & beyond the conventional

We are inviting all HR experts, managers and entrepreneurs to embrace their attributes. Only then can they become true leaders and unleash the full potential of their teams. Are you ready for the challenge?


Our event agenda is packed full with truly relevant insights in People Management, all so that you can apply innovative methods in recruitment and retention from the very next day.

LEAP for team leaders

Explore your role and commit to your deeper involvement as a leader. Discover innovative techniques that will increase productivity and engagement among your teams.

LEAP for managers

Learn to change your team’s dynamics, so that both company objectives and employee objectives meet in the middle. This will ensure your team’s satisfaction and improve results.

And of course...

LEAP for doers

Play your way into your team’s heart, not just into your clients’. Find out how to better communicate and understand your employee’s desires, needs and help shape their careers.

Do it all. Take the LEAP.

LEAP is a bold statement in the world of professional events. Organized by eJobs and Târgul de Cariere, it aims to innovate leadership and redesign teams, not by preaching alternative methods, but by exploring and applying them, right here, right now.

This is why we’ve invited some of the world’s most passionate thinkers, managers and entrepreneurs, to help us step forward with confidence as leaders, using applicable knowledge, not just “nice-to-have” ideas on a whiteboard.
Come learn, explore, apply and play alongside us and 1.000 other guests, and take the LEAP towards your dream team!

1 main stage

Listen and learn from our amazing guest speakers.

7+ speeches

Explore pressing issues and discover innovative solutions.

5 showcases

Play around with creative prototypes and learn how to apply them in your company.

Meet like-minded individuals and expand your network

Over 1.000 professionals will be attending 2020’s LEAP festival. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to be among them!

Make memorable connections

With unique individuals.

Enjoy the ride

Take a break from ordinary business routines.

Find your inspiration


Witness ingenious solutions from trusted partners

The best business learning experiences are defined by the liberty to explore and play with new solutions and services. This is why our partners will be showcasing intriguing products and prototypes, aimed at revolutionizing leadership and teamwork. Make sure to check out every showcase!

Have a drink with the speakers

Experience an entirely new concept in the HR events industry in Romania! At LEAP you will be able to casually chat with our world-renowned speakers at the bar. Choose your drink and ask any questions you like while our bartenders mix or brew your drink. Directly from the stage and into the heart of the crowd, our speakers will be sharing their knowledge in a whole different way, getting up close and personal. Don’t miss your chance to engage with them!

Join LEAP Festival at Face Convention Center

Piața Presei Libere 3-5

How to get there?

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Early Bird

Available only between 21 November 2019 & 21 December 2019. Includes access to the main event areas & exquisite food and drinks!

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Standard ticket

Available between 22 December 2019 & 26 February 2020. Includes access to the main event areas & exquisite food and drinks!

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