Adopting a learning culture

We demand team members who are open to learning new things, so why shouldn’t we show them the same courtesy? It’s time to LEARN some daring approaches to people management!

Putting back the Human in Human Resources: Creating Staffing Strategies That Work

Brigette Hyacinth Brigette Hyacinth


Good talent seems to be in short supply today. Having the right skills is important for your business to meet strategic goals. How do you attract, develop and retain the right talent? In this presentation, you will learn steps for creating staffing strategies that work, how to build the best employer brand and how to go from reactive to strategic.

Make exploration your mission

If your company prides itself on being innovative, then make exploring new shores your directive. Lead by example and explore these novel approaches in HR, alongside your team!

The World of Creativity

Fredrik Härén Fredrik Härén


Creativity has been described as one of the top three soft skills for 2020. But what is business creativity and how can we develop it in ourselves and in our organizations? Fredrik Haren, The Creativity Explorer, will show us just that, based on his interviews with creative people in over 65 countries around the world.

Improving Emotional Health and Productivity in the Workplace

Guy Winch Guy Winch


Our emotional health in the workplace impacts our creativity, our productivity, our functioning, our engagement, and our well-being. Yet, too often, we ignore emotional distress instead of treating it. In this talk, you will learn how to help your team manage failure and learn from it, how to minimize stress and burnout and improve creativity and communication among team members, and how to create an emotionally healthy work culture ion which you and your team will thrive.

Gain applicable knowledge

Sick and tired of “nice-to-have” ideas? Yeah, us too! That’s why we promise to show you amazing team leading techniques that you can put into practice the next day!

Leading HR Differently

Lucy Adams Lucy Adams


Why does HR need a re-think? A new way of thinking about the role of HR with trends and innovative practices, including: moving away from focusing on compliance, creating the employee experience, humanising HR processes & the HRBP capabilities of the future

Microsoft’s (Cultural) Transformation

Milos Rakic Milos Rakic


Culture is widely accepted as more important than ever before - 88% of business leaders rate “culture” as one of the more urgent talent issues, yet only 14% understand what the “right culture” really is. Having a culture and strong sense of purpose is a key attractor for talent. People want a culture where they feel they belong, and work that gives them meaning and purpose. 62% of millennials say they want a career with social impact and purpose. In addition to attracting and retaining talent, the employee experience matters to the top line, as well. 71 % of HR practitioners think that senior leadership could be doing more to improve employees’ experiences at work—there is huge room for improvement in this area. Join us and learn how Microsoft re-invented itself and made the culture transformation a key enabler of long term success.

Give playfulness a chance

Do you want problem solvers? Creative team members? Flexible talent? Then give playfulness at work a chance and you will definitely discover new untapped potential in your teams!

Leveraging an insight driven approach to make Romanian organizations more human

Alessandro Salutari Alessandro Salutari


Through the analysis of Romanian students preferences and expectations regarding the world of work, we will discuss how to shape the company of the future - a place where all the touch points of the candidate and employee experience are connected and coherent, where leadership is a source of inspiration and learning and innovation a pervasive mindset.

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